Website for Hair Stylists (Hairdresser #1)


Price does not include website hosting.

WordPress CMS w/ Blog
Customized Design & Images
Appointment Booking
72-hour Delivery
Unlimited Revisions (30 Days)
1 Embeded Video
Up to 8 Services
Up to 4 Stats
Up to 8 Gallery Pictures
Up to 4 Inspirational Quotes
Up to 4 Testimonials
Up to 6 Social Media Links
Up to 3 Blog Posts
Map & Directions
Business Hours
Contact Form

How it Works

  1. Purchase the website layout of your choice
  2. Complete our website builder to provide images and copy to use
  3. Receive your first draft within approximately three business days
  4. Get unlimited revisions for up to 30 days to finalize your website content and design
  5. We’ll launch your site (for hosting customers) or email the files to you to host

Website Hosting

Please note that your website purchase does not include hosting. Also note that we do not install websites or perform any work on third-party servers.

When it comes to hosting your website, you have two options:

  1. You can purchase a hosting plan from Local Trigger and we’ll launch your website on one of our lightning-fast and secure servers.
  2. We send the completed website files, along with unpacking instructions, to you for your administrator to install on the host/server of your choice.

Hosting customers receive 30 minutes of website changes and development work per month. Learn more

Details About Your New Website

If you have any questions about the following information, please contact us.

WordPress CMS w/ Blog

Your website is built on WordPress’ content management system. WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market and offers a ton of benefits, including its ease of use and built-in blogging platform.

Hosting customers receive a login – allowing them to create new pages and blog posts. Non-hosting customers receive Administrator access to their website.

Customized Design & Images

While your website’s overall design will look very similar to the layout you choose, there are a number of areas in which your website can be customized. This includes headings, copy, pictures, background images, icons, colors, and typography.

Appointment Booking

We include appointment booking software with your website so that you can allow customers to schedule services online. This software allows you to create multiple appointment types, blackout dates, and customizable notification emails in addition to setting the days and times appointments can be set.

72-hour Delivery

We strive to deliver the first draft of your website within three business days of receiving the website builder information. If we are unable to fulfill your order within this time frame, we will reach out to keep you fully informed of our progress and delivery expectations.

Unlimited Revisions (30 Days)

Yeah, you read that right! You can make as many changes to your new website’s headings, copy, pictures, background images, icons, colors, and typography as needed within the first 30 days of delivery of your initial draft.

Please note that revisions may take up to two business days to complete.

1 Embedded Video

We include your favorite YouTube or Vimeo video that you’d like potential customers to see when visiting your website.

Up to 8 Services

Do you have more than one service? If so, we got you covered with the ability to add up to eight services to your new website.

Each service you add has the capacity to include an image or icon and a short description.

Up to 4 Stats

Do you have something that you’re proud of, such as the number of customers you’ve served or perhaps your star rating on Google? If so, you have four slots to include any statistics you’d like.

Up to 8 Gallery Pictures

Your gallery is a great way to show off your company’s portfolio and we’ve included space for up to eight of your best pictures to be featured.

Up to 4 Inspirational Quotes

Share up to four of your favorite quotes to help inspire your website visitors to turn into customers. These quotes display one at a time and randomly rotate when the page reloads.

Up to 4 Testimonials

Help encourage sales with social proofing by providing up to four testimonials and/or customer reviews.

You have the option to include a picture with each testimonial.

Up to 6 Social Media Links

Make sure your customers can reach you on whichever major social media sites they’re on by providing links to up to six of your profiles.

Up to 3 Blog Posts

Have a promotion, tips and advice, or other forms of information you want to convey to your website audience? If so, we’ll add up to three blog posts to your website; completed with formatted copy and a featured image.

Map & Directions

We make sure your customers don’t have any problems finding you by including a map and directions via Google Maps.

Business Hours

Let your customers know the days and times when you’re open and closed for business.

Contact Form

We include a contact form in case your customers have questions for you.

Customer Reviews

Take a moment to read what our customers are saying!

Customer review written by Steve W. from Phoenix, Arizona

Steve W.
Phoenix, Arizona
Look no further than Local Trigger if you are searching for quality websites. They are really knowledgeable in all things online marketing too!
Customer review written by Christie R. from Austin, Texas

Christie R.
Austin, Texas
Love my new site! My old website was so dated and I can’t believe how affordable and good looking my new one is. Big thanks to Stephanie for all of her help!
Customer review written by Tina W. from Birmingham, Alabama

Tina W.
Birmingham, Alabama
The Local Trigger team is friendly, professional, and always accessible, which is exactly what me and my company needs. They designed our website, merged it with a third-party vendor, and continue to offer guidance for our internal online marketing efforts. Good people all around!
Customer review written by Aaron B. from San Diego, California

Aaron B.
San Diego, California
We had our new website custom built by Local Trigger. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work Stephanie and her team have done to bring our ideas to life. There was a lot of back-and-forth with revisions, and Stephanie was professional and thorough throughout the entire process. We highly recommend this company.
Customer review written by Alan C. from Glendale, Arizona

Alan C.
Glendale, Arizona
I’ve been working with Local Trigger for the last 6 months, and they’ve been incredible. I don’t think any agency is flawless, but Local Trigger has gone out of their way to make sure that any problem has been dealt with and that I’m fully happy.
Customer review written by Frank M. from Newark, New Jersey

Frank M.
Newark, New Jersey
Our website was taken to the next level by Local Trigger. The look and style is amazing and is nothing like any of our rival’s crappy websites. I loved going through the whole project with their team and can’t wait to work with them again.
Customer review written by Jake D. from Washington, District of Columbia

Jake D.
Washington, District of Columbia
Very quick, effective, outstanding communication skills and very polite and helpful. I’d recommend it to everyone.
Customer review written by Elizabeth M. from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Elizabeth M.
Virginia Beach, Virginia
I contacted over half a dozen firms to get quotes on our new website. Local Trigger was in the middle of the price pack. I selected Local Trigger because they appeared to be listening when others weren’t.
Customer review written by Jack J. from Miami, Florida

Jack J.
Miami, Florida
Local Trigger is simply the best! They’re now our web design company and will be for the foreseeable future. They are very timely in completing any requests we have to update our website and are knowledgeable in all things internet marketing related. We’re loving working with them. Seriously, you should too!
Customer review written by Jim E. from Newark, New Jersey

Jim E.
Newark, New Jersey
Quite technical. Very professional. Whenever you need digital marketing resources, you should turn to Local Trigger. 5 out of 5 stars for their job done and pleasing this customer. They are fast, effective and efficient.
Customer review written by Emma B. from Gilbert, Arizona

Emma B.
Gilbert, Arizona
Thanks to Stephanie and the whole team for the continuing work she and team perform for us at Local Trigger. We couldn’t imagine working with any other company.
Customer review written by Jane G. from Detroit, Michigan

Jane G.
Detroit, Michigan
I have been working on an ongoing web-based project with Janet, and I find her to be very easy and fun to work with. The quality of work that is delivered by this company, across every department, is excellent.
Customer review written by Chad R. from Chula Vista, California

Chad R.
Chula Vista, California
Love Local Trigger! They made my transition absolutely smooth from my old, obsolete website to a new, responsive one. Thanks for putting up with our never ending revisions!
Customer review written by Laura O. from Phoenix, Arizona

Laura O.
Phoenix, Arizona
I have sent many of my own clients to Local Trigger for their company websites, and I will continue to recommend them in the future. A genuine group of experts who know their stuff and have taken the time to answer every question I’ve ever had regarding digital marketing. Call around if you must, but the best marketing agency in town is Local Trigger.
Customer review written by Cam N. from St. Louis, Missouri

Cam N.
St. Louis, Missouri
My wedding website was built by Local Trigger and it couldn’t have turned out any better! Our entire family loves the site (one of the few things both sides agree on!)…Rick and his team were amazing and completed every minute change I had practically the same day (there were a lot!).
Customer review written by Dave L. from Seattle, Washington

Dave L.
Seattle, Washington
I am highly satisfied with the work of Local Trigger. They surpassed my standards when it comes to designing a website that looks professional, tidy and easy to use. They helped me with a logo for my company that I love!
Customer review written by Hannah L. from Tampa, Florida

Hannah L.
Tampa, Florida
I didn’t really know where to begin when it came to building a website. Finally, after getting some bad advice from one company, I came across Local Trigger and my experience with them couldn’t be better. Thanks Stephanie for all your help!
Customer review written by Tara W. from Corpus Christi, Texas

Tara W.
Corpus Christi, Texas
Rick and his colleagues have an amazing ability to build websites and optimize them for SEO. They are knowledgeable, skilled, and extremely responsive.
Customer review written by Melissa J. from New Orleans, Louisiana

Melissa J.
New Orleans, Louisiana
During our latest website redesign project, Local Trigger was hands down the best partner to collaborate with. I wish we had found them sooner!
Customer review written by Owen W. from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Owen W.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
For our website project, Local Tigger has been instrumental. Not only did they deliver a top-notch website, but we’re working with them on content production and promotion. It’s been a great experience to date.
Customer review written by Priya N. from Orlando, Florida

Priya N.
Orlando, Florida
From start to finish, working with Rick was a wonderful experience! The team at Local Trigger were very friendly, welcoming and very imaginative. They really helped my obsolete website turn into an efficient sales platform for my company. Thank you!
Customer review written by Beth D. from Tampa, Florida

Beth D.
Tampa, Florida
Nice squad to be working alongside. Janet and Rick have been a joy to work with and our web looks great! We just launched yesterday and are now working on SEO and building up our company.
Customer review written by May N. from San Diego, California

May N.
San Diego, California
The most creative web design firm I’ve ever had the privilege of working with is Local Trigger. If you need a website done fast and cheap… oh and that looks amazing! Call them!
Customer review written by Cindy A. from Greensboro, North Carolina

Cindy A.
Greensboro, North Carolina
It was a smart choice to partner with Rick and Local Trigger. He took the time to listen to my aspirations and understand my company goals. He then returned with strategic advice for how best to use SEO to drive revenue to our new website.
Customer review written by Todd T. from Houston, Texas

Todd T.
Houston, Texas
Local Trigger has done a wonderful job of fulfilling our specifications and helping us build the website we needed. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job.
Customer review written by Camilia J. from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Camilia J.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The biggest thing my business has done in a long time is to recruit Local Trigger for our new website. From the start to the finish, Stephanie and her staff are polite, easy to deal with and really good at what they’re doing.
Customer review written by Richie M. from Jacksonville, Florida

Richie M.
Jacksonville, Florida
We were delivered an awesome website by the Local Trigger team! From beginning to finish, the experience was perfect. Any company in need of a modern website should contact Local Trigger!
Customer review written by Gary L. from Orlando, Florida

Gary L.
Orlando, Florida
This team’s level of work is unbeatable. Janet was our project manager and she was an absolute joy to work with. Local Trigger came highly recommended and I too highly recommend them!
Customer review written by Leah V. from Fort Worth, Texas

Leah V.
Fort Worth, Texas
The Local Trigger group is the best! Our website is awesome!
Customer review written by Kim B. from Los Angeles, California

Kim B.
Los Angeles, California
It’s a joy to partner with local Trigger. They were very attentive to our objectives, proposed many designs and possibilities and were very open with any potential changes. They delivered a stunning and intuitive website that now gets tons of traffic.
Customer review written by Peter I. from Atlanta, Georgia

Peter I.
Atlanta, Georgia
I am very impressed with the work they have done so far. Rick is my point of contact and he made sure that our account was well taken care of.
Customer review written by Mike S. from Scottsdale, Arizona

Mike S.
Scottsdale, Arizona
Words just can’t explain how amazing the Local Trigger team is from top to bottom. For the work they have carried out on our website to their engagement from our very first meeting, they deserve all the stars! For over 3 years now, we have worked together and I hope to work with Rick and team for many, many more.
Customer review written by Mandy L. from Gilbert, Arizona

Mandy L.
Gilbert, Arizona
In creating and revising our new website, Local Trigger did an outstanding job. Terrific squad. Terrific website. Would highly recommend.
Customer review written by Marissa K. from Arlington, Virginia

Marissa K.
Arlington, Virginia
We got a world-class website design provided by Local Trigger. It’s a joy to work with Rick and team and I highly recommend you give him a call if your company needs a professional looking website.
Customer review written by Karen P. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Karen P.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I have been working with Rick for several years, and in the new project he just did for me wowed me yet again. Great work!
Customer review written by Derrick O. from Cincinnati, Ohio

Derrick O.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Local Trigger is your best option for everything digital marketing that your company needs and you will see the impact.
Customer review written by Nora A. from Memphis, Tennessee

Nora A.
Memphis, Tennessee
Local Trigger is a superb digital marketing agency. They did an amazing job designing our website and when we need something, they still respond immediately.
Customer review written by Amy W. from Miami, Florida

Amy W.
Miami, Florida
It is never easy to launch a new company and it’s even harder to pick the right web company to build the perfect website. Fast forward a little bit and we now have an awesome website that speaks to both our product and customer. Smooth and professional is how I’d describe my experience.
Customer review written by George H. from Oakland, California

George H.
Oakland, California
Calling Local Trigger is the best business decision I’ve ever made! I intended to update my website on my own using some free platform, and I soon found that it was beyond my ability set. Then my friend suggested I work with Stephanie from the Local Trigger. Stephanie and her team took our input and built a truly amazing website. Can’t thank you enough!
Customer review written by Missy F. from Houston, Texas

Missy F.
Houston, Texas
For several years now we have been collaborating with Local Trigger, first to design our website and more recently, to upgrade and manage it. Working with Rick has been a joy, getting nothing but constructive reviews, as he is always professional, informative and sensitive to our needs.
Customer review written by Maddy S. from Phoenix, Arizona

Maddy S.
Phoenix, Arizona
Nice support for the customer! I strongly recommend this squad to you. My website is gorgeous and was done really fast. It’s a perfect price to get fast results. I was referred by a former client who was very delighted with the success of their website.
Customer review written by Jerry R. from Dallas, Texas

Jerry R.
Dallas, Texas
They’re going to get the job done right and quickly not to mention help make a lot of money and profits and drive you and your company to the next level.
Customer review written by Kelly M. from Jersey City, New Jersey

Kelly M.
Jersey City, New Jersey
For several years, we have partnered with Local Trigger and they have really done a great job for us across the board digitally – website, local SEO, and social media. I recommend you call these folks!
Customer review written by Jenna D. from St. Louis, Missouri

Jenna D.
St. Louis, Missouri
Thanks to the Local Trigger squad, our current website is better than we might have expected. Well, done!
Customer review written by Michelle P. from Rochester, New York

Michelle P.
Rochester, New York
Local Trigger has done a fantastic job fulfilling our website project in the time they were allotted. Rick and his team collaborated with us on crucial elements of the architecture and a number of key SEO elements that significantly strengthened our website performance in Google and other search engines. Couldn’t have done it without him!
Customer review written by Marc A. from Chandler, Arizona

Marc A.
Chandler, Arizona
For my acting career, these guys did a great job of creating a simple, professional and readily available website from scratch, along with self-updating information and good tech support for any follow-up editing needs.
Customer review written by Dan E. from Bakersfield, California

Dan E.
Bakersfield, California
I’m so grateful to these people, not only did they save my business, but they’re helping my business expand. They’ve built my website, social media and online credibility for my company. I’ve been working with them for the last 3 years, and my company has been rising in the search results ever since I started working with them.
Customer review written by Susan C. from San Diego, California

Susan C.
San Diego, California
I have worked with Local Trigger for some time and it all started with a beautiful, affordable website they built for my company. I’ve worked with their SEO team as well and I am very happy with the results. I had new orders coming in the same week we launched the campaign!
Customer review written by James L. from Miami, Florida

James L.
Miami, Florida
Local Trigger has saved my business! My website looked so terrible before I finally lost hope on it and I canned my web-designer. These guys know what they’re doing, and they do it well at a great price!
Customer review written by Stacy T. from Fort Worth, Texas

Stacy T.
Fort Worth, Texas
The Local Trigger team is surrounded by great talent. The team built a website that is easy to access and operates successfully on meeting our goals. The marketing team has partnered with our company to help bring new sales and consumers to our site.
Customer review written by Debrah S. from Scottsdale, Arizona

Debrah S.
Scottsdale, Arizona
Loved working with Janet and Local Trigger. We were on a tight schedule and they delivered a stunning, user-friendly website that was on brand. We continue to work with Janet and she and her team maintain our website.