Local Trigger SEO Trailblazer

Local Trailblazer SEO Package

(Monthly Billing & Setup)
Monthly Cost
$945 / Month
Setup Cost
$495 (One-time)
25 Keywords
3 Content Piece (1,000 words)
2 Natural Backlinks
5 Citations
8 Social Posts
4 Google My Business Posts
5 Onpage Optimizations
1 Reporting / Meeting

How it Works

  1. Purchase the local SEO package of your choice
  2. Complete our campaign builder to provide our team with your business details
  3. We’ll schedule an onboarding call to learn about your business goals and review our baseline numbers
  4. Expect the setup tasks to completed within seven business days
  5. Expect your first month’s deliverables within 14 days
  6. We’ll meet monthly to review your campaign progress

Setup Information

$495 (One-time Fee)

The following details the setup deliverables and tasks performed at the beginning of your campaign. Each package purchased requires these setup activities and the one-time fee listed above. If you have two or more locations, you must purchase a package for each and you get 10% off across the board. Contact us for your multi-location discount.

WordPress Website (5 Pages) & FREE Hosting

To ensure your online marketing efforts get off on the right foot, we include a website built on the WordPress content management system (CMS) with five service or product pages of your choice. This is in addition to your homepage, contact page, and various other non-core pages.

Furthermore, digital marketing clients get free hosting!

Have more than five offerings you’d like to feature on your website? No prob! Additional service or product pages can be added for $65 each.

Already have a website with a modern CMS? No prob! We put these resources towards bulking up your existing content and better optimizing it for search.

Location Copy (1,000 words)

In order to better associate your business offerings with the area in which you operate, we produce location-friendly copy that discusses the region, highlights your services or products, and includes frequently asked questions (FAQs), among several other geographical optimizations.

If you have just one location, this information is usually added to your homepage to bolster its rankability. If you have multiple locations, we’ll create location copy for each one and build-out individual pages per location.

Social Accounts (5)

As part of our content marketing efforts, we want to make sure that your brand has a voice on popular social media platforms. We also want to ensure that each platform we use it optimized for success.

If you already have social media profiles on major platforms, great! We’ll optimize and post to your company’s existing accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or LinkedIn. If not, we’ll take care of creating and updating up to five accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or LinkedIn) for you as part of our setup process.

Local Business Directories (12)

Local business directories are a great way to get traffic referrals to your website and powerful citations that can help with achieving better rankings. Citations typically come in the form of listing your company name, business address, phone number, and website URL (aka NAP or NAPW info). The consistency of these types of mentions of your company are important for your SEO efforts as they allow search engines to effectively verify who you are and what you have to offer.

Because citations are an important aspect of ranking well in Google Maps, we go through 12 of the most powerful local directories and either create or claim your business listing and optimize the page for gaining the most utility.

Google My Business

Most businesses that have been around for a year or more have a Google My Business (GMB) page, whether they know it or not. If you have a GMB profile that was created automatically for your business, we can simply claim it and fill in any missing information. If you have previously claimed or created your own GMB profile, we’ll go through it with a fine-tooth comb and make sure it’s setup for success.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for monitoring and tracking website performance. Analytics allows us to see where traffic came from, what visitors do and see when on the website, plus how many people called, filled out a form, or purchased something.

Our team uses this information to strategize about future activities, look for holes or opportunities within the existing strategy, better understand user-flow and visitor behaviors, measure growth, and for reporting purposes so that you understand what exactly you’re paying for and why.

Google Search Console

Google’s Search Console is yet another tool used in the SEO industry, but unlike Analytics, which monitors a website’s overall performance, Search Console reports on how a website performs within Google Search.

While we can derive a ton of information from Search Console, the key areas we look for are the total number of website clicks via Google Search, the number of impressions your website content receives when someone performs a Google Search, the click-through-rate (CTR) – clicks divided by impressions, and position (or rank) for individual keywords and your website as a whole.

As with Google Analytics, Search Console data is used for the betterment of your campaign as we progress.

Website Heatmaps & Recordings

You read that correctly! We implement visitor heatmaps and recording with your website so that we can see what an individual (or majority) does on a specific page. With heatmapping we can see how far users scroll, what they interact with (and don’t), then use the information to create a better user experience. Similarly, recordings are videos that can be studied that show us user interactions and help us to understand how effective a page’s layout and content is.

Reporting Dashboard

We provide you with a reporting dashboard that can be accessed 24/7 via any device that’s connected to the internet. When setup, we provide you with a link that you can use to access the report, which is updated in near real-time.

Effective reporting is important for a number of reasons and our team uses the data to formulate future strategies, identify what’s working (and what’s not), measure growth, and a whole lot more.

Clients use their reporting dashboard to quantify their marketing efforts and overall ROI.

Details About Your Local SEO Campaign

If you have any questions about the following information, please contact us.


This is the total keyword count for the campaign that you choose. With Package 1, for example, we identify the 10 most impactful keywords to optimize for (in regards to bringing in new business). With Package 2, we focus on 15 keywords and with Package 3, we optimize your campaign for up to 25 keywords.

When your campaign first launches, we conduct keyword research to discover the best keywords to use. We then make note of your website’s current keyword rankings and provide that information to you in our Baseline Report. We use this information throughout the course of your campaign to measure and report upon improvements.

Content Pieces

Depending on the package you choose, you receive one, two, or three pieces of content each month. Content comes in many forms, but the most common ways we deliver content to you is in the form of articles and graphics. Articles are approximately 1,000 words each; however, you may end up receiving two 500-word articles at the discretion of your strategist.

Your strategist develops a content plan and reviews it with you prior to going into production. Upon your approval, each content piece is produced, published on your website, and promoted.

Natural Backlinks

A natural backlink is one in which a blogger, writer, webmaster, etc., links to your website without any monetary compensation. Typically, these types of backlinks occur organically when someone deems your content good enough to share with their audience.

We get third-party websites to link to your content by letting them know it exists. In other words, we eliminate the element of chance (in regards to others stumbling upon your content) by alerting potentially interested parties that we have something they may want to link to.


No local campaign would be complete without ensuring your website has all of the most powerful directories linking to them. These types of citations help search engines associate your brand with your offerings.

When we setup your campaign, we submit or claim your company’s listing on the most well known local business websites on the internet. Furthermore, we submit your information to the leading aggregators of local business data to ensure as many directories as possible have the most up-to-date info on your company.

On a monthly basis, we identify and optimize your company’s listings across niche and lesser known directories in effort to pass as much authority on to your website as possible.

Social Posts

As part of our content marketing approach, we post blog content, service and product information, and industry-related articles to your social media profiles. This helps grow your audience, drive more website traffic, and increase social signals to various people, apps, and services that rely on them.

If you don’t have any social media profiles to date, we create and/or optimize up to five accounts as part of our setup process.

Google My Business Posts

Google My Business (GMB) is the key to ranking well for local search queries. Without a well optimized GMB page, you may miss out on opportunities sent via Google Maps.

As part of our ongoing monthly deliverables, we update your GMB profile with special offers, customer alerts, events, etc., in effort to keep it refreshed with up-to-date messaging.

Onpage Optimizations

Each month we perform up to five pages or 30 minutes of search engine optimizations to the content on your website. This typically comes in the form of updating keywords, adding copy, internal linking, or adjusting conversion points.

Monthly optimizations are determined based on reporting – Analytics data, Search Console performance, and keyword tracking, to name a few.


All clients get a monthly report delivered via email approximately one-month after signing up. In addition, Local Adventurer and Local Trailblazer clients receive a 15-minute progression meeting with their account manager each month (per location).

We also make sure that you have access to your campaign’s reporting numbers when you need them. Which is why we provide all clients with a real-time reporting dashboard that is accessible via weblink and that gives you the information you need to make important business decisions.

Your reporting dashboard shows website visitors, conversion rates (total calls and lead forms filled out), product sales (where applicable), social media interactions, keyword rankings, tasks completed, and a whole lot more.

Customer Reviews

Take a moment to read what our customers are saying!

Customer review written by Marianne I. from Tucson, Arizona

Marianne I.
Tucson, Arizona
For my small business, Local Trigger was a total godsend! I’d been having problems with GMB for about a month, and Rick quickly resolved the matter. The best thing about Local Trigger is that they were hundreds of dollars less expensive than the other quotes I got. These guys are problem solvers that are prompt, courteous, and accessible. I’m so happy I went with these guys!
Customer review written by Aliyah P. from Los Angeles, California

Aliyah P.
Los Angeles, California
Campbell’s account manager is Mike and, with his team’s help, our company has consistently book jobs several weeks out since signing up for Local Trigger’s SEO for local businesses. It’s been fantastic. Thank you very much, Mike and team!
Customer review written by Manny O. from Gilbert, Arizona

Manny O.
Gilbert, Arizona
Local Trigger has been a great help to my wife and I. We operate a small notary and were looking to grow our clientele. Rick, our account manager, has been a pleasure to collaborate with and very helpful in educating us on digital marketing and SEO. He responds quickly to emails and keeps us informed about the progress of our campaign. Working with Local Trigger has proven to be an excellent decision for our company.
Customer review written by Carlos M. from Santa Barbara, California

Carlos M.
Santa Barbara, California
Local Trigger’s SEO work on my landscaping business so far has left me really pleased. We went from getting one or two new customers per month to several per week simply by showing up on Google Maps. Can’t thank you guys enough!
Customer review written by Stephen U. from Ahwatukee, Arizona

Stephen U.
Ahwatukee, Arizona
Thank you for your continued support, Local Trigger. Rick is an excellent communicator and has given us the tools to see how well our local SEO package performs. He is patient and lays everything out in a way that someone who isn’t familiar with the internet can easily understand. Rick is always quick to respond to my questions and full of ideas on how to further our reach online.
Customer review written by Marge T. from Coral Gables, Florida

Marge T.
Coral Gables, Florida
I’m one of those people who believes that if I did it on my own, I wouldn’t have to incur the monthly fees. It turns out I was mistaken. Local Trigger does a fantastic job all around and I couldn’t imagine getting the same level of service anywhere else.
Customer review written by Betsy Y. from Austin, Texas

Betsy Y.
Austin, Texas
The entire Local Trigger team are very supportive and knowledgeable. Over the past 8 months they’ve steadily grown my company’s online presence, which, in turn, has greatly increased my bottom line. They’ve implemented new website content and local search engine optimization that has helped to expand my market area. Much appreciated!
Customer review written by Kyle M. from Tempe, Arizona

Kyle M.
Tempe, Arizona
Local Trigger pays attention to our wants and needs and then devises a strategy to help us achieve our objectives. They’re straightforward to deal with, and we’re getting more done in the six months we’ve worked with them than we did in years of working with our former SEO company.
Customer review written by Shanice P. from Phoenix, Arizona

Shanice P.
Phoenix, Arizona
Local Trigger exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable. Rick and his team are diligent and work have worked hard to create you a website that meets all of our expectations. I was hesitant at first, because I had had poor encounters with other local marketing agencies in the past, but I’m so grateful I trusted my gut and gave Local Trigger a shot. Needless to say, since partnering with them, my company has exploded.
Customer review written by Melony G. from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Melony G.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Local Trigger has made our lives so much easier! Mike, our account manager, is very easy to work with and really knows his stuff when it comes to digital marketing. When we have questions, Mike has answers. Local Trigger came to us highly recommended and we in-turn recommend you give them a call!
Customer review written by Sharon T. from Seattle, Washington

Sharon T.
Seattle, Washington
Stephanie does a fantastic job of keeping me informed about the status of my local SEO campaign. I’ve recommended Local Trigger to my networking group and to date, at least two business owners I know are taking advantage of this company’s services.
Customer review written by Francisco M. from Columbus, Ohio

Francisco M.
Columbus, Ohio
Rick is super knowledgeable, friendly, respectful, and responsive. All of the qualities that we look for in a partner. I couldn’t be happier about my decision to switch to Local Trigger.
Customer review written by Mitch M. from New York, New York

Mitch M.
New York, New York
Local Trigger’s team has been very competent, they know what they’re doing, and provide excellent value for money (especially when compared to New York marketing agencies). Mike is pleasant and very communicative. My whole team is impressed!
Customer review written by Mary A. from Scottsdale, Arizona

Mary A.
Scottsdale, Arizona
Local Trigger has given me the website and marketing I needed to build my business. I can attest that they’re doing a superb job based on new leads we’ve received so far. Rick has tons of experience and plenty of patience! Thank you guys so much!
Customer review written by Tasha V. from New Orleans, Louisiana

Tasha V.
New Orleans, Louisiana
From the very beginning, Rick has provided excellent customer support and given new light to our plateauing business. His team is very polite and professional, which goes a long way in our books.
Customer review written by Angela O. from Los Angeles, California

Angela O.
Los Angeles, California
Thank you Local Trigger for all of your assistance in developing our team’s website and local SEO marketing. We’ve seen our keywords move from page 3 to page 1 in no time!
Customer review written by Robert S. from Miami, Florida

Robert S.
Miami, Florida
Local Trigger has been a pleasure to partner with. Rick has been very helpful in guiding us through the process of launching my new website and getting my company listed on Google. He is polite and always maintains a professional and approachable demeanor! Thank you, sir!